A Gut Defense



America loves a Big Fat Ass

our National Symbol of beauty

But what of the Soft, Round Belly?

The Cauldron Of Living & Loving

of  Food & Friends & Family

of Socialization & Celebration

The Belly Reminds us

Little Things in Life Matter

Bringing Forth Life

Pregnancy, Childbirth

the Miracle of Human Emergence

from the  Cosmic Cauldron


through which ALL pass

Jonah learned not to flee

his Destiny

in the Belly of that Fish

only Surrender

Gut-ly Godly Obedience

Released him

What Fire Burns Inside?

Belly Tells you

Gut Instinct

How to Survive

Brew Power

Simmer Generativity

Boil over with Productivity.

Would you Trust

an Ass

to tell you the Truth?

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…

Street Soul Sister




Hey You

Long Time, No See

How You Been?

yeah, I know


Could Be Worse

could be raining

Oh, So It Is

Do You Know How Much

I Want to See You

Get the Hell Off the Streets

When I See You

I See Me

Look, Here’s a Few Bucks

How’s He Treatin’ You?

I’m so sorry

It hurts to see you living like this

So begins the Season of Giving

Beginning at Home

Until There’s None

Don’t Look at Me

I’ve got Nothing For You


is a Game of

Hot Potato.


but by the Grace

of the Goddess

Go I.

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…

In Silence


Urban Bistro

As you prepare your week

your home

your world-famous Bird

with all the trimmings

Please take a moment

In Silence

to remember

those who Serve

There are people out there

this week

who have to work

on Thanksgiving Day

and beyond

They must give up

plans with family

and a full day off

with or without pay

They leave behind

loved ones

and laughter

and rare moments

in order to Serve

They, the virgin sacrifice

upon the altar of

Black Friday, the Prequel

This infectious spread of

the Holiday Shopping Bug

is predicated upon the idea that


would rather be shopping

than enjoying the Silence

after your Holiday Feast

- – -


- – -

Your Retail Therapy

can wait

One More Day

Your wallet can sit

in silence

And if it can’t

turn to Friends



can kick it


Friends United Can Kick Greed


Friends United Can Kick Retail

like a Bad Habit

If we can’t


In Silence

they will

Free Unaccountable Corporations Know YOU.

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…