Sunlight through the Cottonwoods

You, reigning down

Angry at my Audacity & my Joy

Hard against my Tenderness & my Tears

Working your fists of Rage

Everything bothers you.

How about Peace, Once & for All?

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…

The Purpose of Religion


Kitchen Mesa & Labyrinth, Ghost Ranch NM

Kitchen Mesa & Labyrinth, Ghost Ranch NM

The Purpose of Religion

to Guide Us

through the Hedgeways

and Hard Places of Life…

through the

Filter of Religion

we decide

the Quality

of Our Own Decisions

& Actions.


of course,

are always held

to Account

for our Choices,

and our True Intentions


Clear & Present

to the Eyes of Higher Authority

by whatever Name

we  Know & Understand

that Being.

There is no need

to Critiquecize

someone else’s



we all Learn

what we are here to learn

and Do

what we are here to do.

See to your own Beam, Brother.


Thy Neighbor

& Have a Fine Day

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…

Wisdom Sharing in the Desert


Kitchen Mesa, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

“Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.”

~~Alice Walker

(This poem was inspired by the words of Three Wise Women: Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, and Dr. Hyun Kyung Chung)


Fear is normal

all beings feel fear

what do you do with it?

feel it.

your duty is to bear it.


and hold your fear.

“We live in a shattered world…”

there is still

a remnant

 who preserve hope

the dancers

the ones who pray

“this human journey

is rather like

finding yourself

in Brussels

rather than

in broccoli”


involves SIN

living is a risky business

“Hope never to be a Snob

When Love shows up

in Love’s Work Clothes”


you have a duty to be

who you are

in deep connection to

the Divine

All One.

you can’t hurry


and Change

there is

a lot of Work

going on beneath the surface

things which will

only come into being

when the process

is Finished.

To Move in Joy

Do Not Cling to It.

What can I do?

Do what I can.

What can I do?

Do what I can.

Do what you can.


Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


Let Freedom Ring…