Mad World



For Dora Daffodil Treeflower. May you meet True Friends at the Rainbow Bridge & the Fields Beyond. ~Tallystarr


Today, we bid farewell

to Dora Daffodil Treeflower.

aka: “Piggy”

aka: “the Mountain Troll”

aka: the Little Clown

She was a Good Dog.

We really don’t know

where she came from.

We found her tied to the fence

around a trucking yard

in industrial East Oakland.

She was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

aka: Pit Bull.

In the four months that we’ve known her,

she has gained muscle tone,

social skills,

trust for humans,

and trust for another dog.

She enjoyed belly rubs,

ball games,


and playtime with Sadie.

She learned how to

go potty outside,

and even learned to

Rest Quietly

when we were gone

from her sight.

She overcame many

Terrible Fears & Anxieties.

How like US that is.

She reminded us that we, too

can overcome

our troubles & struggles.

We, too, can have

a chance at a better life,

no matter where we come from.


I watched an episode

of PBS’s Nova

about What Makes a Rampage Killer.

I saw dynamics & cycles

similar enough.

Dora was prone to

unprovoked aggression

against Sadie.

Despite our best strategies,

we were unable to stop the attacks.

The Last Time

was on the Fourth of July

when she attacked Sadie

within a few feet of our very young granddaughters.

We knew she was no longer safe to keep.

So many times,

we try to Heal All

with Love.

But that’s not the way the world works.

In the end, it’s all about RESOURCES.

We treat our dogs

like Humans

& our Humans like dogs.

It’s a Mad World.

I don’t have the Answers.

But I’m grateful for Dora.

She brought me many Lessons

about Love~

(it works wonders,

but it doesn’t

Conquer All

like they promised in the storybooks)

and Faith~

(we all deserve another chance)

and Trust~

(trust is the doorway to Love.

it is also a very

Risky Business).

and I’m glad we were able to give her

a Happy, Loving Home

until the end of her days.

Farewell, Dora Daffodil.

May you meet Many Friends

at the Rainbow Bridge

and the Fields Beyond.

Blessed Be.

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


Let freedom ring…

An Urgent Plea for Rescue…



“Not to hurt our humble brethren [the animals] is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission: to be of service to them whenever they require it.”
~ St. Francis of Assisi, God’s Covenant with Animals, Lantern Books, 2000, xii

This is Dora Daffodil. She is, by the vet’s best guess, almost two years old. She is a wonderful companion. She’s funny. She snorts & snarls like a little tiger when she’s excited. She snores like a mountain troll when she sleeps. She trumpets a gentle “woo-woo” sometimes when she’s excited to see you. She’s very snuggly.

We’ve had her since March 1st, 2014. Her hindquarters were severely under-developed when we found her tied to the chain-link fence around the trucking yard across the street from where we live. She was emaciated. Clearly, she has had a litter of pups. She has marks on the backs of her legs~ she’s obviously been abused.

She’s housebroken now, after (we’re guesstimating) a year-and-a-half of never going potty outside. She can stay quiet in her kennel when left alone for brief (3-4 hour) periods, provided you withhold her breakfast until you’re ready to leave & add a chewy treat to keep her occupied for the first several minutes. Neglect those preparations and she barks anxiously until you return. Her separation anxiety improved as she became comfortable with our daily routines, but has regressed with recent developments.

She recently learned how to run and to play ball for short (4-6 feet) distances & will allow you to take the ball from her mouth to throw again. She also likes to settle down on the grass with her ball. She plays well with toys & does not chew-to-shreds. She’s so cute with toys!

She’s exuberant in the morning when we let her out for her potty-time. She’s very VERY affectionate. She sometimes nips with her little front teeth, in that puppy-grooming way of mommy dogs, when she’s excitedly “kissing.” She approaches strangers cautiously, and will give a little lick to the hand in greeting.

Since taking her in in March, we’ve made sure Dora has all her shots. She is also on Trifexis to prevent heartworms, fleas, and ticks. As of June 17th, 2014, she is spayed. She had no complications after surgery and never bothered the incision site. She was quite docile for a while after her surgery, and we were hopeful that her aggression was a thing of the past.

The problem is that she randomly attacks our other dog, Sadie (also a rescued pit bull). We have used every behavior modification strategy we can think of to address typical situations where dog aggression occurs~ there are multiple water dishes available in multiple locations in our home, the two dogs are fed in different places (Dora is shut in her kennel with her food & Sadie is fed in a location out of Dora’s line of sight), treats are offered to both dogs simultaneously, and each dog has her own toys and her own play time with us. Dora continues to growl, bare her teeth, and even attack Sadie. As Dora gains in strength, her aggression toward Sadie grows more violent.

We love Dora, but we must protect Sadie. Sadie walked into our home (& our hearts) right off the street. Sadie has been a wonderful example for Dora, coaching her in outdoor pottying, strategic sniffing, & how to run like the wind.

Of course, Dora also taught Sadie how to high-five, how to instigate play, & how to feel like a puppy again. Dora will truly be missed. We have been blessed to foster her for the last 4 months & we regret that we cannot be her forever home. We regret that it is beyond our ability to help her through her unpredictable aggression toward other dogs.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide to help Dora find an appropriate home.