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The Deep.

“The Deep”

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” 
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road: The Original Scroll

Those of us from the Boomer Generation remember a time when the car was a culture of its own. If we lived in a city, we went for drives in the country. When the weather was nice, we went for a drive to a nice picnic spot. Summer vacations inevitably included some sort of long-distance car travel. Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma’s house we go. We got our kicks on Route 66. Following the sun to an Endless Summer.

Then there were motorhomes. RVs. Winnie-Whazzits. Packing up your house-on-wheels and hitting the Open Road. Camping was a big deal to a lot of us. It was our way of getting Back to Nature.

What a quaint term that is…Back to Nature. Going Home to visit Mother Gaia. Camping out near the ocean or the lake or the river just to hear the rush of Living Water.  Fishing. Hiking. Acting like Explorers, Adventurers, Survivors, and remembering how different life was just about a century ago. Yesterday, really. Even Today, for many. It keeps us a little more humble. And a little more grateful.

If you’re looking for a great off-the-beaten-path experience when you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles (or even New Zealand)… you know, the kind where you leave the City and go see the “other wildlife”… consider renting an Escape Campervan:

Escape Rentals New Zealand was established in 2003 by 3 good friends, Peter, Mike and Andrew who saw an opportunity to offer a product with a difference.

We figured people didn’t want to go away in their living room and they would instead prefer to get away from everyday life and enjoy the great outdoors. Hence the name ‘Escape’ was created.

We also realized that people wanted to go away, enjoy the culture, sights and delights of a country without having to sell body parts to pay for their Campervan holiday.

We developed a product that seemingly offered the bare essentials, but at the same time delivered absolutely everything you needed to travel and explore a country safely, comfortably, cheaply and uniquely.

We not only wanted to offer a high quality product with excellent customer service and support, but also wanted our clients to embrace the Escape spirit by converting a boring white van into a work of art.

The decision to sand all the clear coat off a new van and then have artists cover them in paint was not a decision we took lightly.
It was a frightening thing to be trying this concept that had not been tested before…our mates thought we were crazy. The artwork on the Campers goes a lot further than just making the Camper look great, it acts as an interaction piece for our clients when they are travelling and allows them to mix not only with other travellers, but also more closely with the locals.

Most people assume the Camper is your own and that you have painted it yourself. The feedback our clients gave us after their Campervan trip reinforced the initial crazy idea as being a pretty good one.

Our fleet grew to 175 over 3 Years operating in New Zealand and we wanted to expand this product to other shores…and so here we are.
Our Los Angeles operation opened doors on 1st June 2009 and San Francisco and Las Vegas are now operational as serviced depots..

We look forward to seeing you in the America. ~~Team Escape

These “Minibagos” are decked out with a camp stove, sink, mini-fridge, and a seating area that converts to a bed. Cooking/dining supplies & bedding are included (very nice!). The custom paint work on each van is unique (ours was “the Deep,” pictured above), and quite attention-getting. And, as promised, we spent many happy moments interacting with others about the van, camping, and being out of the city. It certainly added some wonderful memories to our trip!

Team Escape provides travelers with maps, atlases, and campground guides gratis (merci!) and offer GPS for an additional fee (totally worth it!). They’ll even map out an itinerary if you have a route or destination in mind. They also offer insurance at varying rates and roadside assistance in some areas (check for details).  Everything to make your adventure a success.

Crazy Annie thoroughly approves, and looks forward to many more Escapes into the Woods.