What Am I Doing Here… (Let’s Try This Again)?

Stairway to Heaven

“It is usually the imagination that is wounded first, rather than the heart; it being much more sensitive.”    ~~Henry David Thoreau

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Frigid dark January

Orbits the hot sun of Re-evaluation.

We Contemplate

New Horizons

Rendering the Past


I am not immune. Nor are You.

Scoff. Yes. Huff-puff-McGruff. Take a bite.

From whence come I?

Where go I?

How do I change what I’m doing

So that I get what I’m wanting?



Silence. Listen.

The Universe offers guidance on the path



Kicks in the ass

Serendipity is a will ‘o the wisp

ectoplasm of the Divine

If you sneeze, you’ll blow it

Revisiting old ghosts

only Resurrects them.

Tend to the Living.

Let the dead bury their own.


Crazy Annie

Let freedom ring…

My previous post, since deleted, addressed the topic of bullying. Workplace bullying, to be specific. The long-term repercussions are painful, persistent, and real. My studies in psychology taught me that. My up-close & personal experience reverberates with it. I’m learning more & more how to release it.

I am inspired by a project at the high school where my husband teaches photography. Students in all art classes are addressing the topic of bullying, with an emphasis on how art is a modality through which the victims of bullying can find hope, strength, & courage. The work I’ve seen so far is powerful. The stories my husband shares about how this project has sparked a palpable positive energy amongst these ordinarily obstinate adolescents…it’s almost a miracle.

Art inspires. That’s why we love to surround ourselves with it. In addition to fine art, music, performance arts (dance, theatre), we find art in our fashions, our home decor, our cities, & our entertainments. We’re always being inspired by the wonderful creations of artists, designer, architects, & engineers. But it’s unsatisfying to merely accumulate the creativity of others. We have an innate need to create something of our own.

Creativity and imaginative engagement are powerful tools in negotiating our way through the inevitable challenges we faces in life. Most of our best ideas stray somewhat off the beaten path. Our best “aha moments” are steeped in our own way of perceiving things. This is the seat of your creativity– your unique perspective. No one else can see the world through your eyes without your creative self-expression.

What I am doing here, on this blog, my creative outlet, is being transparent with my creative process, with my various explorations in this modality of personal expression, alchemy, healing, hoping. Sharing it here is like sonar…your feedback is important. It shows me the lay of the land in these waters, so to speak. (though, if I’m not careful, I could run aground!) My navigational skills are improving as I grow in this process & I appreciate your assistance.

 Here’s to a New Year filled with opportunities to engage creatively & imaginatively!

7 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Here… (Let’s Try This Again)?

      1. Thank you, Linda. My story still strikes chords with me, too… hence the need to remove it. I’m learning that there’s such a thing as sharing too much. I have a burning desire to tell it, but in the right way & at the right time. Thank you for your encouragement!

  1. “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” – Isaac Asimov, Foundation.

    We really need to examine the mentality of the bully. Whether in school or the workplace, bullies are very limited in the solutions available to them in general life, which is why they resort to bullying. In reference to your Thoreau quote, it is difficult to give them a taste of their own medicine because they generally lack imagination. They also tend to work in packs; they rarely stand alone.

    Identifying the common characteristics of bullies is the first step to finding a way of dealing with them. Examine it enough and you will understand why most people tend to favor the underdog. You may also find the greatest reason that it is difficult to reason with a bully is because of their ignorance… it is their toughest armor… extremely difficult to penetrate. Also realize that, if they had any sense of fair play, they would not be bullies.

    Let’s engage our imaginations and creativity, and first be thankful that we are not them.

    1. Well said, my Friend! The purpose behind the high school art project I mentioned is to engage students in a dialogue about all aspects of bullying. One photo essay even spotlights the trend of capturing video of bullying & posting it online to further humiliate the target. Awareness is the first step to eliminating this insidious form of personal terrorism. My hope is that an enlightened future humanity will look back on bullying as the barbaric practice that it is. Thank you for your response!

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