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Don’t Make Me Say It Again…

Are You Speaking to Me?

My name is Sadie Melonhead Treeflower & I am an American Pit Bull Terrier. I’ve invited you here because I want to discuss a very important issue. I’ve been doing some research into the history of pit bulls in relation to humans and I must say I’m more than a little disturbed by what I found. My kind are increasingly targeted for destruction by your kind. I can certainly understand when you get upset about some of my behaviors, like when I chew up your favorite shoes (they’re just so delicious!) or snack from the cat box (also yummy). But these reports of entire cities rounding up my cousins and killing them because they’re pit bulls…well, if I could roll up a newspaper, I’d smack a few people for that kind of breed-murder.

For over a hundred years, we pit bulls have been loyal, loving companions. We were known as Nanny Dogs. We were the mascot for the American military during World War I. We were the spokes-dogs for RCA & Buster Brown Shoes, and cousin Petey was the Little Rascals’ mascot.

Now, we’re reportedly biting, attacking, mauling, and killing people everywhere. Lies, damned lies, and statistics! We don’t hurt people any more than any other breed of dog. I am an American Pit Bull Terrier, not an American Pit Bull Terrorist. Though I suppose we’re easier to catch than those humans who do all the things you say we pit bulls do…

Listen, I am a dog. I behave the way you teach me is acceptable. If you don’t want me to be aggressive & antisocial, then teach me how to behave around people & let me spend time with people…especially YOU. Anyone, human or non-human, will develop bad social habits if they’re kept tied up in the yard with no human interaction. We all need somebody to love.

Even the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, knows the truth about us. Here’s an article from his website: How Did Pit Bulls Get Such a Bad Rap? 

I’ll say this only once, so pay attention:

BSL & the Beast

Thank you kindly for visiting!

Charity + Gratitude = Serendipity…and a Writing Contest!

Rabbit Ears

“Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.” 
― Elizabeth BergThe Year of Pleasures

Compassion Games 2013 is under way and the world is a sweeter place for it. I’m playing on behalf of the Melrose neighborhood of Oakland, California. Around the globe, groups and individuals are competing to earn their hometown the title of Compassionate City.

Well, not exactly “competing.” They’re calling it a “coopetition,” cooperative competition to achieve a noble goal. You don’t have to be part of a group to participate in the Compassion Games… you can check it out and sign up here. It’s free, it’s fun, and you’ll be doing nice things. That’s what the games are all about!

As a Secret Agent, you will accomplish vital missions of generosity, kindness, gratitude… like the operative who secretly gifted a postal carrier with a care package of beverage mixes, or the Kindness Web spun by a bi-coastal family. Your effectiveness is limited only by your imagination.

Of course, this kindness spree is not limited to the Games. Art Abandonment is an on-going movement of artists who create (and abandon) artwork around the world. Art is Moving recently hosted Art Break Day 2013, providing a day of free art-making in 19 cities around the world. Rumor has it that Secret Agents are using art in their campaign of compassion. Such actions will certainly cause ripples of goodwill to reach every metropolis, town, and hamlet!

She Steeped
The Evidence:
this art card was used to express gratitude to a postal carrier in East Oakland. The perpetrator is still at large.

The WMD (Weapon of Mass Delight) in this Compassion Revolution is the World Gratitude Day Story Contest hosted by “relentlessly positive” Alexandra Franzen. The rules are simple: find a fun & fancy way to thank someone. Write a story about what you did & how it went. Post it here. Everyone wins. Mega-delight.

I’d like to thank Ms. Franzen, not just for this contest, but for her missives that sparkle with encouragement and inspiration, and for the motive & opportunity to share the ways that we can make a difference wherever we are. Saying “thank you” is just the beginning. I’m taking my place in the Revolution.

Will you join us?

P. S. ~~ my little act of gratitude is just one of the 21 featured on Alexandra Franzen’s World Gratitude Day post. Over 130 people took the time to do something nice for someone else & share it. Thank you again, Ms. Franzen. This equinox weekend is overflowing with blessings!

Charity Begins…

The following missive from our operative in Melrose was leaked to the public. We sincerely hope that this does not constitute a breach of procedure.

Perhaps it will serve as a lesson for other agents…


Secret Agent Badge


Secret Agent of Compassion

My baby brother (well, he’s 46), I’ll call him “Homefry,” has been battling a cancer similar to one which took the life of our father at Christmas in 2000. Homefry’s wife, I’ll call her “Sugar,” has been by his side through it all…and it has been a Rocky Road, for sure.

Homefry had his first surgery in September 2012 to remove tumors from multiple places. He’s had follow-up treatments regularly since then. He was a source of strength to me when I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in October 2012 & then had surgery of my own.

And then, Homefry needed more surgery…which was scheduled for yesterday, Friday the 13th.

I received a call from my sister-in-law in the early afternoon, informing me that all is well post-surgery. She mentioned needing to call other family members…so I offered to do that for her. She seemed relieved.

At the end of the day, she called me again to let me know that my brother was doing well & that the doctors were impressed with how well he is doing.

We chatted about how difficult things have been for her during Homefry’s illness, treatment, recovery, etc. We chatted about their God-daughter, who is the same age as my Granddaughter, and all the fun of toddlers. We chatted about middle age and menopause and our aging parents.

Sugar is an Angel. She arrived in Homefry’s life at a time when he was rebuilding it. She has been by his side, through thick and thin, like no one has ever been for him in his life. I told her so. It is the Love they share with each other, and with their community (church, friends, family, neighborhood…) that makes miracles happen. And so it did.

They have the prayers & thoughts of dozens, even hundreds of people whose lives they touch, around the world, supporting them in their time of need. The way they lend their Love & support to others returns to them.

I hereby bear witness to the Truth of this Web of Compassionate Acts.