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A Social Art Movement



“The arts reflect profoundly the most democratic credo, the belief in an individual vision or voice . . . The arts’ belief in potential gives each of us — both audience and creator — pride in our society’s ability to nurture individuals.” ~~Wendy Wasserstein

And so, it begins:

Art Cart @ BART.

inspired by Art is Moving,

creators of ARTbreak Day.

May this Inspiration Dance never end…

She Said… (30for30equals30)

She Said...


My own songs awakened from that hour,
And with them the key, the word up from the waves,
The word of the sweetest song and all songs,
That strong and delicious word which, creeping to my feet,
(Or like some old crone rocking the cradle, swathed in sweet
garments, bending aside)
The sea whispered me.
~~Walt Whitman