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If It Makes You Happy…




The Pursuit of Happiness.

Certain Inalienable Rights

assured to We, the People

that document

the rallying cry

of anyone

with something

to sell you.

We declared that the

Rule of the Crown

was no longer acceptable.

Scant 200 Summers Later

We, the People

throw a Tea Party

Occupy the Streets

Dominate the (virtual) Frontier

where Virtue & Vice

make nice

make nice

We all battle our demons

Celebrate our angels

& Peace

is a Mouse

Click Away

As within

So without

Asalaam alaikum



Blessed Be

We are ON(lin)E


Crazy Annie


Let Freedom Ring…

Critical Mass

the Liturgy is about to begin

the Altar Call now

the Trials you face

we face

death throes

of the collective ego

face the Shadow

the Beast

it is you

it is me

as it writhes and gnashes

hold your Light high

this is your Purpose

your Gift

to stoke the Soul-Fires

Burning Regrets & Resentments

the Flesh is the Ego

the vehicle for Spirit

the Blood is your Light

your Life-Force

the Gifts you came here with




we commune with God

when we do this

we receive the Spirit


to fuel the vehicle

to share the Light

we do consecrate

Universal Balance

begins within.

Crazy Annie


Let Freedom Ring…

Metaphysical Exploration– Visual Perspective


Some visualizations of images I’ve had dancing in my head for some time. The bases for these concepts come from many traditions- spiritual and scientific- that have recurred in my lifelong search for the Divine.

I’m convinced that the next stage of human evolution involves the psychic realm– mental, spiritual, emotional–

we will see each other’s truth

and we will either be afraid

fight or flee

or we will see ourselves reflected

and remember why we’re here

to love

and be loved




& Laughter.


Crazy Annie


Let Freedom Ring…